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QuickWits Card Game Blog

QuickWits Card Game Blog


 Quickwits is a fun card game, with the aim of making any party break out in raucous laughter.  Does it achieve it’s lofty purpose?  Read on and find out my take on QuickWits and QuickerWits.



~ 150 cards consisting of:

  • Quickwits cards

  • Trivia cards

  • Charades cards

  • link cards

  • Battle cards


~ 150 cards consisting of:

  •  Quickwits cards

  • Trivia cards

  • Link cards

  • Battle cards

  • Charade cards


Evan Jaroslow created Quickwits back in 2013.  He did it with a small budget and a satirical sense of humor. The focus of the game is quick and zany adult fun with a short setup time and fast gameplay.  Players square off against each other in a symbol matching game that takes 20-30 minutes a session.  Your living room or table will never be the same after Quickwits makes an appearance.   I will mention just so there is no confusion this IS a game for adults.  It is not for family play unless all family members are over the age of 17+ and comfortable hearing their relatives talk about sexually oriented or adult humor.

Gameplay starts with all 150 cards placed in the center between players.  Players take turns choosing cards until two players reveal cards with matching symbols on the card.  The second the matching symbol appears, the two players with the match must try to be the first to shout out an example of the category written on their opponents card.  The player who spits out their example first wins the match, which lets them place their opponents card in their win pile.  The winning player then puts their card back in the Quickwits Pile. There is a catch,  examples are a one-time deal.  So not only do you have come up with an example, but there are no repeats so players have to try to keep track of what has already been said.

Players keep drawing cards until 2 matches appear.  This leads to some hefty card stacks, but only the top card on the player’s stack is in play.  Once a player removes a card this can instantly make another matching pair appear between other players at the table.  Players are immediately thrown into another match the second this happens.


Gameplay does not stop there though.  There are specialty cards in the game which add different layers to the outcome of play.

Link Cards go beside the draw pile rather than in the player’s hand.  They function by linking two different symbols and now forcing players to keep an eye out for two symbols each time rather than one.  They remain in play until a new link card is drawn.

Battle Cards are placed beside the player who drew thems Score Pile.  When another battle card is drawn, the players with the battle cards wager how many match cards they are willing to risk.  A third player flips over a card from the quickwits pile and the first one of the battlers to give an example wins the battle and their opponents wagered cards for their Score Pile.

Mystery Cards give the player who drew it the ability to ask any question they like.  The first person to answer their question correctly wins the mystery card for their score pile.

Trivia Cards works like a battle card but the third player instead of drawing a card asks the two battling players a question they must answer.  The first correct answer wins the battle card.

Charade Cards are acted out by the player that drew them and the first person to guess correctly wins the card.

The player with the most cards in their score pile wins the game.  Gameplay with just one set of cards takes about 20-30 minutes but combining both sets together ensures a 60 minute or more session.


Quickwits is simple, it is fast and it is fun.  It is what I refer to as a beer and peanuts kind of game.  If you are not prone to party games Quickwits will do nothing to change your mind about that, but it makes a great monotony breaker between more complex games.  Currently, the game developers website http://www.quickwitscards.com/ directs folks with interest in picking up the game to go to https://www.amazon.com/Quickwits-Card-Game/dp/B00IYBEU2G for Quickwits or https://www.amazon.com/QuickWits-2-Keep-Party-Goin/dp/B01KF41F40/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1481328363&sr=8-1&keywords=quickwits+2 for Quickwits 2.  If you’re looking for something fun to do with a group, Quickwits has you covered.

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