Dart Pong = Beer Pong + Darts. Indoor party game.

Type: Game

Dart Pong = Beer Pong + Darts. Indoor party game. is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

  • Fun indoor party game that combines beer pong and darts.
  • Throw darts at the other team's magnetic cups. First team to remove all the magnetic cups wins the round.
  • Includes 20 Cup Magnets, 2 Dart Boards, 2 Custom Magnetic Darts - They always stick!!! and 2 Pins to hang boards
  • Just like beer pong rules. A new skill-based game to get your party on. Perfect for fancy houses, dorm rooms, basements, or anywhere that has a wall.
  • You can play with grandma. Just make sure her drink is a bit stiffer


Dart Pong is mix of Magnetic darts combined with Beer Pong. It's a perfect addition to any party and can be played on any magnetic surface.

Players alternate throwing custom magnetic darts at their teams cup magnets. When they hit a magnet they remove that magnet. The team that manages to hit all 10 cups wins! Scroll down detailed instructions.